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Main article: Swashbuckler Rating

The Swashbuckler Rating is a system that determines Vyse's rank, changing depending on Vyse's replies and decisions in conversations.


Main article: Discoveries

Discoveries are objects found on the world map that can encompass landmarks, fauna, flora, ruins, ruins, unexplored lands, etc.

Cupil Evolution[edit]

Main article: Chams

Cupil is Fina's method of attack in battle. In order for Cupil to grow stronger, he needs to eat chams.


Main article: Moonfish

Pinta's Quest[edit]

Wanted Battles[edit]

Main article: Wanted Battles

Wanted Battles are optional battles against enemies with bounties on their head.


Main article: Crew

Vyse can obtain a crew of up to 22 members.

The Three Secrets[edit]

Main article: The Three Secrets

In order to unlock the Three Secrets, you need to attain the "Vyse the Legend" Swashbuckler rating.