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Save Point(s) Nasrad Port
Nasrad Inn
Cham(s) 2
Moonfish 1
Crew Khazim

Enemy Formations[edit]

Type Magic Exp Enemies
WantedNGC.png 6 MG085.png MG090.png MG095.png
Event 0 MG012.png


Special Items[edit]


Alaz's Weapons
Item Retail Price
Iron-cutter 9999
Nasr Pistol 9999
Nasr Uniform 9999
Caravan Armor 9999
Holy Robe 9999
Immunity Ring 9999
Karah's Items
Item Retail Price
Sacres Crystal 9999
Sacrum Crystal 9999
Magic Droplet 9999
Glyph of Might 9999
Glyph of Speed 9999
Healing Salve 9999
Ral's Ship Parts
Item Retail Price
Advanced Cannon 9999
10"Cannon Coil 9999
Valuan Torpedo 9999
Pyrynn Figure 9999
Compound Deck 9999
Enhanced Kitchen 9999
Deluxe Kit 9999
Gear Grease 9999
Apa Wax 9999
Mystery Merchant
Item Retail Price
Thermo Ring 9999
Slayer Ring 9999
Crystales Box 9999
Sylenis Box 9999
Tuna Cutlass Ship Save Point.png 9999
Swirlmerang Ship Save Point.png 9999
Sky Fang Ship Save Point.png 9999


These shops become inaccessible after Nasrad is attacked.

Braza's Weapons
Item Retail Price
Assassin Ring 9999
Stealth Ring 9999
Dhabu Hide 9999
Braza's Items
Item Retail Price
Sacri Crystal 9999
Magic Droplet 9999
Curia Crystal 9999
Chom 9999