The First Chapter of the Official Manga Finally Scanned

On this site, many of the manga chapters of the official manga were hosted here (thanks to myself and my Japanese auction site lurking so I could obtain the chapters) but for the longest time the first chapter had eluded me. But now I’ve finally obtained and scanned the first chapter for all to see, meaning every chapter that has been published is now digitally preserved.

I’ve been prowling Yahoo Auctions! Japan for almost decade now, hoping one day, some day, I could obtain the entire Skies of Arcadia manga. I’ve been able to obtain a chapter here and there from Gekkan Magazine Z, but the book with the first chapter had eluded me for a very long time. It wasn’t until about 3 months ago that someone put up for auction about 4 years worth of the magazine, which pretty much guaranteed that, if I won that auction, I would not only be able to obtain the first chapter, but be able to obtain all the chapters up to the manga’s end that I hadn’t obtained yet, as at the time I did not know exactly when the manga ended.

Suffice to say, after Log.8, the following month’s book had a note stating that the manga was on indefinite hiatus. Looking into future books, I can confirm that the manga never did make it past Log.8, which means you can find the entire manga as it was published on this site.

Please enjoy the first chapter of the manga for your viewing pleasure!

  • Vashzaron

    …The whole gallery page seems to be broken. :(

  • Redde

    Please fix the gallery! I really want to see this manga