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The Archive page has been revamped. Ares and Mars Arcadia, the precursor to EsoArcadia, will be purged eventually once I move all the relevant information from those sites to this site’s wiki, so for those people who update and like to copy and paste from this site to update that wiki instead, better get to it before they’re gone from the ‘net forever!

As a tradeoff, the official US site has been unearthed and has been added to the Archive page.

There’s a Downloads Page?!

Blue Pirates by martinhoulden
Yup, there’s a Downloads page now, after being broken for 2 years, so for all two people who actually clicked Downloads and miss the 404 Error displayed, tough luck! It has the Dreamcast add-on downloads, the soundtrack and drama CDs, and Skies of Arcadia font. If anyone has any other suggestions to put in the Downloads page, be sure to suggest them in the comments!

Retro-News: There Was a Skies of Arcadia Art Show on September 13 2009

Some old news that I don’t think was ever reported on an English site: There was a Skies of Arcadia art show prior to the one on March 9, 2014: It happened on September 13, 2009 at the same convention and place: セガのゲームは世界いち (Sega Games Are the World’s Greatest) at the Ota Bunka Hall Apricot. It’s hard to dig up more information due to how old this is, but better late than never, right? Right?!?!

Hopefully this will be a fairly regular occurrence. It would be about 5 years until the next art show!

You can read the original Japanese press release after the jump!

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There Was a Skies of Arcadia Art Show in Japan on March 9 2014

In Japan, there’s a convention called the セガのゲームは世界いち (Sega no Game wa Sekai-ichi) which roughly translates to “Sega Games are the World’s Best”.

There has been an art show for Skies of Arcadia in one of the prior years, and there was another one this year. This art show took place at March 9th, 2014 at the Ota-Bunka Hall, Aprico facility at station F-11・12.